Campaign for Borders Railway raised at Prime Minister’s Question Time

The Prime Minister has been urged to lend her support to the campaign to bring the Borders Railway to Hawick, by local MP John Lamont.

Responding to a question at PMQs today (Wednesday 5th September), Theresa May MP said she “understood the importance” of the campaign and promised that the Scottish and UK Governments would work in partnership to deliver economic growth for the region.

During the exchange, John Lamont said that extending the railway to Hawick, Newcastleton and on to Carlisle would “greatly enhance economic activity in the region and would be a powerful example of cross border cooperation between Scotland’s two governments.”

He urged the Prime Minister to ensure that the proposed Borderlands Growth Deal supported the campaign to extend the Borders Railway.

The Borderlands Growth Deal is currently being developed by five cross-border local authorities, including Scottish Borders Council, who collectively represent over 1 million people and 10% of the UK land mass making up the Borderlands region. The Growth Deal will seek to promote economic growth and connectivity across the whole region.

One of John Lamont’s priorities from the deal is that is includes funding to further develop the proposal to extend the line to Carlisle.

John Lamont MP said: “I was pleased to be able to raise the campaign to bring the Borders Railway to Hawick directly with the Prime Minister.

“Bringing the line to Hawick would be transformational for the town and although it is not going to happen overnight, I am confident that we have an opportunity to push the campaign on to the next stage.

“Bringing the Borders Railway to Hawick, Newcastleton and Carlisle is exactly the type of project which Borderlands should be promoting. It would be a massive boost for Hawick and the rest of the Borders and would improve connectivity in the region, particularly if the line was to link up to the West Coast.

“I am determined to continue to pursue this issue and make sure that Borderlands moves this vital project forward.”