Dual the A1 and improve rural roads

Good local roads are vital for people’s everyday lives, so they can visit family, get to work and run their businesses. 

The SNP-Green Government in Holyrood is anti-driver. They won’t invest in local roads or fund councils properly to fix potholes. 

They are out of touch with how much people in the Borders need good roads for their everyday lives. 

I’ll keep pushing to dual the A1 and improve local roads because I know how vital it is that we have good, safe roads across the Scottish Borders. 




Rural roads survey

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Borders roads on course to be the worst in Scotland

A new report has found that roads in the Borders are set to become the worst in the whole of Scotland.

Figures from Audit Scotland’s “Maintaining Scotland’s Roads” report show that almost a half of roads maintained by the council are in an unacceptable condition.