Universal Credit

Universal Credit (UC) is the biggest and most fundamental reform to the welfare state since its creation. It is a modern benefit based on the sound principles that work should always pay and those who need support receive it. It is also fair to taxpayers.

I firmly believe that UC is a fair benefit that protects vulnerable claimants and ensures that work always pays. As UC is a simpler, more accurate benefit based on up-to-date information, it will provide people with their full entitlement. This means that 700,000 people will receive on average an extra £285 per month which they have not received under the existing system. Around a million disabled claimants will gain on average £100 a month through UC, because their award is higher through UC than legacy benefits.

I am sorry to hear about any specific difficulties with UC. The feedback I’ve had from those on UC and those working at the Job Centre in the Scottish Borders has been positive. Please send me your National Insurance number and I will make some enquires on your behalf if you are experiencing problems.