Trade Bill - Amendments

The Trade Bill exists to preserve and ensure the continuity of the trade agreements we already have with other countries through our EU membership, so that we maintain those relationships, prevent disruption, and protect our access to global markets after Brexit. The trade agreements which the Government are intending to transition are existing trade agreements which will have already been scrutinised by Parliament's EU Committees.

The Bill does not legislate for powers that could be used when implementing a new free trade agreement with countries with whom the EU does not already have such an agreement on exit day. Therefore, I do not believe this Bill is the appropriate avenue for setting out how those new deals should be scrutinised by Parliament.

I agree that Parliamentary scrutiny is essential, and I am pleased that the Department for International Trade has committed to a transparent and inclusive trade policy. The UK Parliament, the Scottish Government and Parliament, the other devolved authorities, local government, other stakeholders, and the public at large must have the opportunity to engage with and contribute to our trade policy; and I am looking forward to the UK Government setting out a proposed legislative framework for scrutinising and implementing future trade agreements.