Palestine Human Rights

I fully agree that further restrictions placed upon Gaza will have a detrimental impact on ordinary citizens. I am told that UK officials from our Embassy in Tel Aviv raised these concerns regarding additional restrictions with the Office of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories on 18 July. There already exists a dire humanitarian situation in Gaza and the Government is clear that Israel should reverse its decision to impose further restrictions.
I believe the Palestinian right to protest is important, however it must be recognised that it is unacceptable for Hamas to use protests to further their own violent and deplorable aims against the State of Israel. Above all, it is important that all those involved commit to peaceful protest, restraint and observe international law.
I also agree that it is vital that efforts are made to alleviate pressures on the Palestinian economy. That is why I am pleased my colleagues in the Department for International Development have committed to more than double its support for economic development in Gaza and the West Bank, which will create hundreds of jobs, install vital new infrastructure and boost exports to Israel. I hope that a thriving Palestinian economy will create the necessary conditions for a peaceful two-state solution with Israel that will allow Palestinians to truly prosper.