RBS slammed for slashing mobile banking services

RBS have been slammed for its new mobile banking timetable. A number of communities are set to lose their mobile banking bus despite repeated assurances from RBS chiefs that the service would be increased following closures to local branches.

Hundreds of Borderers turn up to RBS meetings

Around 200 residents attended meetings last week about the closures of RBS branches across the Borders.

Attendees expressed a range of concerns including the impact on elderly residents, businesses and charities. People also questioned whether mobile branches were fit for purpose.

Tartan Giraffe Ball praised at Westminster

The organisers of the Tartan Giraffe Ball, which raised £250,000 for Doddie Weir’s fight against MND, has been praised by the Leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom MP in Westminster today.

RBS climbdown ‘nowhere near good enough’

RBS’s changed plans have been described as “nowhere near good enough” by local MP and Vice Chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee, John Lamont. The bank has just published revised proposals following pressure from local communities and politicians.

Lamont predicts RBS will be forced into rethink

Ahead of a series of public meetings in the Borders about RBS branch closures, local MP John Lamont has said he believes the bank will be forced start backtracking on their plans.