SNP want Corbyn to be Prime Minister

Local MSP John Lamont has asked the SNP MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk to explain why he thinks Jeremy Corbyn is the right man to become Prime Minister.

Speaking to SNP MPs this morning, Nicola Sturgeon said: “If the Parliamentary arithmetic lends itself to the SNP being part of a progressive alliance to keep the Tories out of Government then the SNP will seek to be part of that as we said in 2015.”

The outcome of such a coalition would be Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

Commenting, John Lamont MSP said: “The SNP have made it clear they support a weak Labour-SNP-LibDem alliance, headed by Jeremy Corbyn and plunging the UK into more instability and uncertainty.

"We know Jeremy Corbyn is "absolutely fine" with the SNP's obsession with an immediate second referendum on independence. There is therefore a real danger of Mr Corbyn and the SNP coming up with a deal to suit both their purposes.

"Only the Scottish Conservatives can be trusted to stand up for the Borders and for Scotland’s place in the UK and work to get the best Brexit deal for all of us."

"The Borders is represented by a Nationalist MP and he must now explain to Borderers why he thinks Jeremy Corbyn is the best person to become Prime Minister and the best person to lead us through Brexit.”