Reaction to Meaningful Vote

Commenting after the vote, John Lamont MP said:

“The scale of this defeat will have surprised many people, but it sends a very clear message to the European Union that the deal as it stands is unacceptable to the UK.

“The Prime Minister will now work with other parliamentarians and other parties to come up with alternative proposals over the next few days, this is absolutely the right course of action.

“It is my priority to get this agreement changed so that we can deliver on Brexit and avoid a no-deal scenario. In particular, we need to significantly alter or get rid of the insurance policy for if a trade agreement is not delivered, the so called Northern Ireland backstop.

“I have always said that notwithstanding my opposition to the Withdrawal Agreement, I fully support the Prime Minister and her Government. I will without hesitate support the Government in the no confidence vote. The Prime Minister is doing an almost impossible job with public duty at the forefront of her mind.

“I expect the Labour party to lose the vote of no confidence and that this should be an end to their political manoeuvring. To keep trying to collapse the Government would be damaging at a time when people want their politicians to work together so that the country can move on.”