Nearly 400 parking tickets issued incorrectly at Borders General Hospital

Over the past three years, nearly 400 parking tickets handed out at Borders General Hospital have been cancelled after appeal, new figures show.

The information, provided by NHS Borders in response to a freedom of information request, show that 70% of appeals against tickets are successful and that since 2016/17, 394 tickets have been cancelled after a successful appeal.

NHS Borders employs Minster Baywatch to hand out £90 Penalty Charge Notices to people who are incorrectly parked at Borders General Hospital.

This figure does not include tickets which were automatically cancelled by the issue without an appeal, although it is thought that instances of this are low.

NHS Borders also admitted they have no idea how many tickets are issued because that information is no longer provided to them.

Local MP John Lamont has said the figures show parking remains a significant problem at the BGH and that parking provision needs improved.  

John Lamont MP said: “For as long as I can remember, parking at Borders General Hospital has been an issue. I continue to get regular complaints about tickets being handed out for the most minor of reasons.

“These figures show that hundreds of patients or visitors are being incorrectly hit with a £90 fine. It is bad enough being ill or having a loved one in hospital and to have the stress of having to appeal a parking ticket only makes things worse.

“My advice to anyone who is given a ticket would be to appeal it. Given the success rates in recent years, you stand a fairly good chance of having it overturned.

“But it is high time NHS Borders sorted out parking at the BGH once and for all. Thanks to a lack of investment by the SNP Government the health board has no money for significant extra parking, but at the very least they need to look again at simplifying the restrictions and making sure everything is clearly marked.”