Not the time for push for indy, says Borders MP and MSP

Local politicians have slammed the push by the SNP for another independence referendum.

As part of her plans for the upcoming parliamentary session, the First Minister has said she will publish a bill within the next six months to bring forward another referendum on Scottish independence.

This is despite Nicola Sturgeon MSP telling the Scottish Parliament chamber during her speech that the ‘pandemic continues to have a profound impact on our health and wellbeing, on business and the economy - indeed, on our whole way of life.’

John Lamont MP said: “This was an opportunity for the SNP to put the divisions of the past aside and help Scotland tackle the coronavirus.

“I completely agree with the First Minister when she said that the pandemic continues to have a profound impact on our whole way of life.

“Perhaps this should be the focus of her work, rather than trying to build a border at Berwick.

“It’s no surprise that the SNP have found no time in the rest of the session to improve education but found plenty of time to publish a new bill on another divisive referendum.”

Rachael Hamilton MSP added: “As expected, this Programme for Government falls short and doesn’t deliver for the Borders.

“The SNP would rather focus on division rather than trying to unite Scotland in its fight to boost our economy and deal with pandemic.

“I think people will question the timing of this announcement when they are worried about job security or further flare ups of coronavirus.

“I believe the government should be firmly focussed on the challenges posed by coronavirus to our hospitals, our economy and to our schools.”