Newcastleton petrol station ‘transforming’ local community

John Lamont MP has said that a new community run petrol station is ‘transforming’ Newcastleton, following a visit to the forecourt.

The new community owned facility, will ‘pump back’ in to the community, 1p for every litre of fuel sold.

The fuel station saves local businesses £650 per week and stops 600 journeys out of the village. Local community councillors have said there is already a noticeable difference in footfall in the community, as businesses and residents stay in the village instead of making a trip to Hawick or Carlisle to fill up their cars or vans.

The MP also held a meeting with local community councillors to hear about their hugely exciting plans for tourism for the village. Speaking after this discussion, the MP has said that Newcastleton, which is in the centre of the Borderlands region, is well placed to capitalise on the new Borderlands Growth Deal.

Speaking after the visit, John Lamont MP said: “I was hugely impressed with the new petrol station at Newcastleton and everything the local community has achieved.

“Something as simple as having access to petrol and diesel in the village is having a massive knock on effect. It means residents and visitors alike are staying in the village more instead of making a long trip elsewhere for fuel.

“For businesses, the petrol station saves around £650 a week, money which can be spent instead on new staff and new apprentices.

“And the community has the added benefit of a steady flow of money from each litre of fuel sold.

“The forecourt is state of the art, environmentally friendly and open 24/7. It really is a great facility and I was proud to fill up my car in Newcastleton.”

On his subsequent meeting with Barbara Elborn and the rest of the Newcastleton & District Community Trust team, John said: “It was also great to touch base with the incredibly busy Community Trust team and to hear about their exciting plans for Newcastleton and the area.

“Newcastleton faces similar challenges to other rural villages in the Borders in terms of lack of broadband and transport. However, the village knows what it needs and is working hard to push for improvements.

“We also discussed the huge opportunity that the Borderlands Growth Deal represents for places like Newcastleton. Given that the village is right in the centre of the Borderlands region, there is potential to massively improve connectivity and tourism for the area.”