MPs reject alternatives as Withdrawal Agreement remains most popular Brexit option

Yesterday evening the House of Commons once again failed to find a clear majority for any alternative options on Brexit.

For the second time MPs voted on a wide variety of options for a way forward, including a customs union with the EU, a customs union and single market arrangement, holding a second referendum and revoking Article 50 to cancel Brexit. None of the options gained more votes than the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement did on Friday.

The default legal position remains that the UK will leave the EU in just 10 days’ time. To secure any further extension, we will have to put forward a credible proposition to the EU as to what we will do with that extra time.

Local MP John Lamont voted against all the options, agreeing with the majority of MPs that they were all worse than the Prime Minister’s Deal.

Commenting, John Lamont MP said: “All of the alternative Brexit options would put the UK in a worse position that under the Prime Minister’s Deal, which is why I voted against them.

“Clearly most MPs agree as yet again no option gained more support than the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement, even though Labour and the SNP were whipping their MPs to vote for them.

“The customs union and single market alternatives would not have delivered the referendum result and if implemented, would mean that a Latvian MEP had more of a say in UK trade policy and any politician in the UK. I did not think that was acceptable.

“I also oppose revoking article 50 and oppose holding another referendum. These options would fail to deliver on the promise to voters back in 2016 that the referendum would be respected and would mean more uncertainty for businesses.

“The Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with the EU represents the only option to deliver on Brexit, to move on from endless debate and to provide certainty for businesses in the Borders.”