Lamont welcomes MOT ‘holiday’ during Coronavirus

Local MP, John Lamont has welcomed a decision by the UK Government to grant a temporary extension to MOTs due from the 30th March 2020 onwards, as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The MOT ‘holiday’ will mean motorists will automatically receive a six-month extension so that people do not need to leave their homes unnecessarily. The new rules apply to cars, motorcycles and light vans.

If your MOT is due on the 29th March or before, then you should still try to get your car tested. However, if you, or a member of your household, is showing symptoms of COVID-19, then you must continue to self-isolate. The Transport Secretary has been clear that he is working with police and insurance companies to ensure people are not penalised if this is the case.

The announcement by the Transport Secretary, Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, comes amidst a global pandemic causing countries across the world to go into so called ‘lockdown’.

In the UK, people are being urged only to travel when it is essential, and the MOT holiday will ensure that people are not having to take more journeys than is necessary. 

It will also mean garages will only have to do emergency repairs in order to keep those that need their own transport on the move. Car garages and repair shops have been allowed to stay open, despite many other businesses being told to shut down.

Ministry of Transport tests, known more commonly as MOTs, are annual tests of roadworthiness and safety for vehicles over 3 years old.

Despite the MOT holiday, motorists are being urged to ensure their cars remain safe and roadworthy.

John Lamont MP commented: “This will be one less thing for people to worry about at this very concerning time. MOTs are obviously very important to ensure that everyone is safe on our roads. However, at these exceptional times, we must take exceptional measures to keep people healthy.

“If your car is due its MOT after the 30th March 2020, then you will automatically receive a 6-month temporary extension. This is to allow you to stay at home and avoid coming into contact with others. Not only will this mean you and your family are less likely to get COVID-19, it will also ensure our garages are only being used when they really have to.”

“It will also mean that deliveries of food and medicines will be able to continue without vehicles having to spend time off the road. It will also mean frontline workers can fully focus on their roles at this difficult time.

“We must all continue to follow the advice of the government and the NHS. Our country is facing a major crisis. We must all work together to beat it by only going out when absolutely necessary.”

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