Lamont to host two public meetings in response to ‘indyref 2’ concerns

The Scottish Borders does not want a second independence referendum and calling for one is against the wishes of the majority of Scots. This is the message from local MSP John Lamont the week the Scottish Parliament is due to vote on the issue.
In response to an unprecedented number of emails, phone calls and messages, he has called two public meetings to address the concerns of Borderers.  
Following last week’s historic developments, John has been contacted by so many concerned residents that he felt it appropriate to call two public meetings to discuss the case against a second independence referendum and to explain what people can do to help. 
The first event will take place in Kelso’s Tait Hall on Monday 27th March at 6:30pm, followed by a similar meeting in the Corn Exchange in Melrose on Tuesday 28th March at 7pm. 
Ahead of the meetings, John said Scots want the SNP to focus on domestic policy and drop plans to break up the UK. 
John Lamont MSP said: “If you look at the SNP’s record on domestic matters over the last decade, there’s hardly a success story to be found. Hospitals are hideously over-stretched, the attainment gap in Borders schools is the widest in Scotland, literacy and numeracy rates are in decline and their incompetence in relation to farm payments starved the Borders of millions of pounds of funding.
 “This has all happened while Nicola Sturgeon and her predecessor have been completely obsessed with breaking up Britain.
“The Borders voted overwhelmingly in favour of the UK back in 2014 and leaving the UK would be hardest felt by people who regularly travel and work south of the Border.
“What my constituents want is for the SNP Government to get the best deal for Scotland as we leave the EU and to focus on their day job of improving schools, hospitals and economic growth. 
John added: “I’ve been contacted by so many residents that I felt obligated to organise some public meetings to address their concerns. The message I am getting very clearly is that people said No thanks in 2014 and they meant it. 
“I would urge anyone who wants to hear about what the next few years will likely entail and what they can do to help, to come along either to Kelso or Melrose next week.”