Lamont: Borderers losing patience over Brexit

Ahead of yet another day of voting in Parliament, local MP John Lamont has warned that voters are fast losing patience over Brexit.

As MPs are set to vote on the next steps in the Brexit process, he has put his name to an amendment calling for the withdrawal agreement to be changed and then supported.

The amendment, tabled by backbench MP Sir Graham Brady, says that Parliament would support the Withdrawal Agreement if the so-called Northern Ireland backstop is replaced with an alternative arrangement to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland.

Opening the debate, the Prime Minister said she will go back to the EU to ask for the Withdrawal Agreement to be reopened.

MPs are set to vote on a number of other courses of action, from extending the date at which the UK leaves the EU, to holding another referendum. It is unclear whether any of them will receive support of a majority of MPs.

In a related move, the Government last night introduced a new year long trial of proxy voting meaning that MPs who are about to give birth or who are on parental leave will be able to nominate a colleague to vote on their behalf.

John Lamont MP said: “I have been clear that I believe Brexit needs to be delivered but in a way which protects jobs and safeguards the integrity of our United Kingdom.

“MPs have proposed a range of possible ways forward, many of which will frustrate or delay us leaving the EU and I do not think that is what people want to see happen.

“My constituents want to see an end to the bickering and are are sick to the back teeth of Brexit. Most people just want the vote to be respected and delivered so we can move on to talk about more important things.

“The best way to achieve this is to change the current deal, remove the most problematic part and get it passed by Parliament.  That is the approach I favour and I hope that if enough MPs agree, the Prime Minister can go back to Brussels and say changes to the so called Northern Ireland backstop is the only way to get a deal through Parliament.”

On proxy voting, John added: “I am also pleased that we’ve introduced proxy voting in Westminster, this was a long overdue change which will make the system fairer for new parents.”