Fisheries Bill passes next stage in Parliament

Eyemouth MP, John Lamont, has welcomed the further passage of the Fisheries Bill at Westminster. The Bill will enable the UK to control who may fish in its waters, and on what terms, for the first time since 1973, and will see the Common Fisheries Policy scrapped in the UK.

Currently, the number of EU vessels fishing in UK waters is six times higher than UK vessels fishing in EU waters.

Under the plans, foreign vessels will have no automatic right of access to UK waters. Any vessel granted a licence to fish in them will be required to abide by UK rules.

The SNP voted to block the bill, despite the Scottish Fisherman’s Federation urging all MPs to back it and deliver new powers to the UK and Scottish Governments.

John Lamont MP said: “The UK will soon become an independent coastal state and we will take back control of our waters. This is a huge step is revitalising our seaside towns and villages and protecting our marine life and oceans for future generations.

“Places like Eyemouth and St Abbs could see a revitalisation as we move into a new era for fishing.

“Shockingly, the SNP voted against the legislation. Under their plans, fishing policy would be handed back to Brussels.

“With 52% of fish landed in the UK coming ashore in Peterhead, Fraserburgh and Lerwick there is a massive opportunity for Scotland. To see the SNP vote against this is staggering.

“It is time for the Scottish Government to get behind the industry and look positively at our exit from the Common Fisheries Policy.

“These new measures will regenerate coastal communities, take back control of our waters and, through better conservation measures, allow our precious marine environment to thrive."