Faster and more reliable fibre broadband promised by Ofcom

Ofcom has proposed more flexible regulation to allow the UK’s broadband infrastructure to be upgraded. This would mean homes and businesses across the UK would benefit from much faster and more reliable fibre broadband.

Fibre broadband allows users to get much faster speeds, as well as having more reliable broadband that does not slow down when many people are using the system at the same time.

The proposed changes would encourage competitors to invest in fibre and support Openreach to invest in rural areas. Ofcom say that their proposals will ‘supercharge’ competitive investment in fibre broadband networks by reducing the cost of building new networks.

Last week, new figures revealed that 9% of Borders’ premises are still receiving the slowest broadband speeds. Only 4% are receiving fibre broadband. This showed rural Scotland to be lagging behind Central Belt areas.

Ofcom are currently consulting on these proposals and would come into force after April 2021 when the current rules expire.

Commenting John Lamont MP said: “With only 4% of premises in the Borders getting full fibre broadband I welcome these changes by Ofcom. I am supportive of opening up the broadband market to new competitors if this will mean more investment in rural areas.

“There has been much talk of improving broadband for those of us who don’t live in big towns and cities. It is therefore great to see Ofcom proposing real change to allow more companies to invest in our broadband network.

“Poor broadband is not only frustrating for individuals but can mean rural businesses are at a disadvantage to their competitors. Improving our broadband networks will help boost rural economies across the UK.”