Brexit Update - Indicative Votes

Last night, MPs voted on eight different options on Brexit. None of them were passed and none were supported by anywhere near a majority of MPs.

If you would like a more detailed list of what each of the 8 motions do, the BBC has a quite good summary:  

I voted against any options which were designed to stop Brexit or which would not deliver Brexit. I have consistently opposed revoking Article 50 and a second referendum and voted against these options. Parliament has now rejected a second referendum twice now.

All the alternative withdrawal options which were presented to MPs last night would put the UK in a worse position than under the Prime Minister's deal or would not have delivered Brexit. That is why all of these positions failed to gain the support of anywhere near the majority of MPs.

I abstained on the No Deal votes. I do not want to leave the EU without a deal, but I have been consistent that ruling it out would harm our negotiating position. Many MPs from all parties abstained on a number of options

The best way to deliver Brexit and to provide stability for businesses is to leave the EU with the Prime Minister's Withdrawal Agreement.

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