Brexit to be delivered

The UK is due to leave the European Union this Friday, January 31st. After the election in late 2019, where the Conservatives won a majority, the government was able to pass the Withdrawal Agreement, allowing the UK to leave. This was a key pledge made during the election.

The leaving date comes almost 4 years after the referendum result showed that the UK wanted to leave.

Commenting John Lamont MP said: “It is almost 4 years since the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. Since that decision, there has been much delay and uncertainty so I think most people will now be relieved that this stage of Brexit is concluding. It is now important that politicians, from all parties, work to bring our society together again and end the politics of division.

“Despite the demands from Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, we do not need another divisive independence referendum which will simply create more disruption and chaos.

“I know that the Prime Minister and the government will now be working hard to secure a trade deal that is good for the whole of the country. There will be many challenges in the months and years ahead, but Brexit gives our country a unique opportunity to move in a new direction on the world stage. I am sure that the Borders and all of Scotland will embrace those opportunities.”