Borders MP given assurances on fishing rights

The UK Government has assured Borders MP, John Lamont, that the UK will become an independent coastal nation after the Brexit Transition Period ends.

During an Urgent Question in the House of Commons on recent Brexit negotiations, Mr Lamont asked the government if they could reassure Scottish fishermen that there will be no compromise on access to UK waters.

Penny Morduant MP, the Paymaster General, responded saying that she could reassure fishermen and that the EU should recognise the United Kingdom’s sovereignty on fishing rights.

In the EU, member countries must sign up to the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) which gives member states equal access to fishing waters. The UK will be leaving the CFP at the end of the transition period.

The new Fisheries Bill will enable the UK to control who may fish in British waters, and on what terms, for the first time since 1973.

John Lamont MP said: “I am pleased that now we have left the EU, we will also be leaving the Common Fisheries Policy. We will take back control of our waters to secure a fairer share of opportunities for the Scottish and UK fishing industry. We can also develop a world-class fisheries management regime which will protect our seas from environmental damage.

“From the many conversations I have had with fishermen and women, I have long felt that the CFP was not fit for purpose and was unfair on our fishing industry. I am delighted that protecting our waters remains a UK Government priority during negotiations.

“Having control of our own waters will mean we can revive coastal communities such as those in Berwickshire, as well as become a global leader in sustainable fisheries management.”