Mental Health (Use of Force) Bill

I am unable to attend this debate in Parliament on Friday 6th July due to holding surgeries in my constituency. Nonetheless, I am pleased that the UK Government has thrown its support behind this important Bill, which will work to reduce the use of force in mental health units, and help prevent tragedies like the death of Seni Lewis ever happening again.

While it is important that private members’ bills such as this are subject to proper scrutiny in Parliament, I hope that the Bill will be able to pass as soon as possible, so that we can see these necessary changes implemented.

As healthcare is a devolved issue here in Scotland, the Bill in question only applies to England and Wales – it would be for the Scottish Government to bring forward any similar changes to the law in Scotland. I hope that the Scottish Government will pay attention to this important Bill, and will consider action to ensure that Scotland does not fall behind England and Wales in this area. People in all parts of the United Kingdom should be equally protected against the misuse of force among mental health units.