Israeli Boycott

I strongly oppose efforts to boycott Israeli goods, in the Scottish Government or elsewhere, and I hope that the Scottish Government resists calls from some SNP supporters for it to impose such a boycott.

Let me also reassure you that the UK Government shares my opposition to a boycott on Israeli goods, and that, as international trade is a reserved matter, no boycott can be forced on the Scottish people, regardless of what course of action the Scottish Government decides to take.

The fact that these boycott supporters are lobbying Ivan McKee, who has a history of anti-Israeli actions and rhetoric, reinforces my concern about Nicola Sturgeon’s judgment in appointing Mr McKee as a trade minister earlier this year. I am disappointed that the First Minister thought that he was fit to be given the responsibility of promoting trade and investment for Scotland.

Scotland deserves a government that will stand with Israel, seek to develop our trade ties with Israel, and take promoting international trade seriously. Therefore, I am looking forward to the Scottish Parliament elections in 2021, which will be Scotland’s opportunity to vote out Nicola Sturgeon and Ivan McKee, and bring in a competent Scottish Conservative team led by Ruth Davidson.