Protecting Our Rivers

First and foremost, let me assure you of my commitment to leaving the environment in a better condition than when we inherited it. I believe that we all need to be more conscious of the waste we create and the importance of recycling. The best approach to stemming the flow of plastic is by taking action on land. However, an official report released earlier this year suggested that the Scottish Government's plan to ban landfill waste by 2021 is wildly off target - and could cost Scotland's economy more than £1 billion.

It is clear that everyone accepts progress has to be made when it comes to recycling and disposing of waste but the Scottish Government appear to have run out of ideas on how to do this. Our oceans are filling with plastic and other waste and, on top of this, vast quantities of Scottish plastic waste are exported rather than being recycled here in Scotland. I believe that a Scottish Recycling Plant would not only increase recycling rates, but also create jobs in Scotland. It would also ensure that plastic is not exported and then, in some cases, dropped into our rivers and oceans.