Improving transport for all

I will continue my campaign for increased investment in our roads network. Whilst the re-opening of the railway to Galashiels is assist the central Borders, more needs to be done to protect vital bus links, and invest in proper roads in other parts of the Borders.

I support the re-opening of Reston station and greater investment in our bus routes, the dualling of the A1 and extending the railway to Hawick and onto Carlisle.


One Year On

A video about what I've been up to in the past year (and what I'll be doing next).

Campaign for Borders Rail comes to Carlisle

Campaigners fighting to extend the Borders Railway on to Carlisle have met with the two MPs who represent the beginning and the end of the proposed new line.


First Scotland's withdraw from the Scottish Borders

Commenting on the news that First Scotland are to withdraw its entire fleet from the Scottish Borders later this month, local MSP John Lamont said: “This is hugely concerning news, which puts the whole transport system in the Borders at risk.

Reston and East Linton reopening may be delayed until 2024

Scottish Borders Council and East Lothian Council have written to the Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf to support a Scottish Government proposal that will see the reopening of the East Linton and Reston stations.

Scottish Government investment in major Borders roads falls by a half

New figures show that investment in Trunk Roads in the Scottish Borders has fallen by a more than half under the SNP.

In the past 4 years, a total of £2.8m has been spent on Trunk Road improvements in the Borders. Over the previous 4 years, £6.5m was spent on the same 5 key routes.

Borders roads on course to be the worst in Scotland

A new report has found that roads in the Borders are set to become the worst in the whole of Scotland.

Figures from Audit Scotland’s “Maintaining Scotland’s Roads” report show that almost a half of roads maintained by the council are in an unacceptable condition.