Burma EDM 1219

The UN Security Council recently visited Burma, where the UK's Permanent Representative to the UN made representations to senior members of Burma's government on the treatment of the Rohingya. Additionally, on 3 May, the British Ambassador to Burma met the Commander-in-Chief of Burma's military and urged him to accept an inquiry with international involvement into the human rights violations carried out against the Rohingya.

The UK is a staunch supporter of the ICC and the UK Government remains committed to working with all its international partners to secure justice for what has taken place in Rakhine. It is my understanding that we are awaiting a decision from the ICC on whether it has jurisdiction over the deportation of the Rohingya from Burma to Bangladesh, on the basis that Bangladesh, unlike Burma, is a signatory to the Rome Statute that established the ICC.

The UN Security Council could refer Burma to the ICC, but there is currently insufficient support on the Security Council, and Ministers have been clear that a vetoed attempt at a referral would undermine our position