Brexit is one of the most important decisions that the UK has made and it is important that politicians get it right.

I campaigned and voted for the UK to remain part of the EU. However, I accept the result of the UK wide vote and believe it is the UK Parliament's job to implement this decision, as voters were promised would happen ahead of the vote.

Here you can find out more detail on my position on this issue.


Lamont to back amended Withdrawal Agreement

It was announced last night that the UK has secured changes to the deal. They include a legally binding addition to the Withdrawal Agreement, which gives the UK the right to start legal proceedings against the EU if the UK was tied to the so called Northern Ireland backstop indefinitely.

MPs to be given a series of crunch votes on Brexit

The Prime Minister has announced a series of key votes will take place next month on Brexit.

After negotiations with the EU over changes to the Withdrawal Agreement, MPs will vote on whether to support this amended agreement, by 12th March at the latest.

Reaction to Meaningful Vote

Commenting after the vote, John Lamont MP said:

“The scale of this defeat will have surprised many people, but it sends a very clear message to the European Union that the deal as it stands is unacceptable to the UK.

How I will vote on Brexit deal

When I was elected as Member of Parliament for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk, I made a promise to people in the Borders that I would put them first, ahead of party politics.