Appointment of Ivan Mckee MSP

I believe that Nicola Sturgeon’s recent ministerial reshuffle has raised serious questions about her judgment. Her decision to appoint Gillian Martin as an education minister, despite her track record of racist, anti-Semitic, and bigoted comments, was a disastrous and avoidable mistake, and I am glad that my Scottish Conservative colleagues in Holyrood were there to hold the SNP to account in that case.

Likewise, I am deeply concerned by the First Minister’s decision to appoint Ivan McKee as a trade minister. It is clear that Mr McKee himself lacks the necessary judgment to distance himself from terrorist sympathisers like Azzam Tamimi, or from the BDS movement, whose leaders and activists routinely deny Israel’s right to exist. It is especially strange, given Mr McKee’s history of anti-Israeli action and rhetoric, that the First Minister thought him a good person to put in charge of promoting trade and inward investment.

Some of Nicola Sturgeon’s appointments have demonstrated her lack of judgement. I am, therefore, looking forward to the Scottish Parliament elections in 2021, when Scots will have an opportunity to put an end to the Salmond/Sturgeon era, and elect Ruth Davidson as First Minister, backed up by a dynamic and competent Scottish Conservative team.