Broadband Survey

Problems with broadband connections remains one of the most common issues to come across my desk as a Member of Parliament.

That is why it is one of my main priorities as your new MP to improve broadband connectivity in the Scottish Borders.

If you live in my constituency, it would be really useful if you could tell me about your broadband by completing the survey below. This information will help me press for greater investment in broadband infrastructure in the area.


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Better Broadband and Connectivity

Poor broadband and mobile signal is one of the most common causes of complaints in the Borders, and rightly so. Our current lack of connectivity is holding businesses back and it is unfair for consumers to be paying the same as someone in the central belt, for a much inferior service.

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How satisfied are you with your broadband
What is your current broadband speed
You can find your download broadband speed by using an online broadband speed checker.

The UK Government have legislated for a Universal Service Obligation (USO), which will give everyone a right to broadband speeds of at least 10Mb/s. 
What do you use your broadband for